On dating with dignity ... and why you can't get laid.

You Can't F*ck Me is part therapy, part social commentary and completely real. Listen along as running buddies, Fabian and Sherri, and a rotating cast of friends, family, lovers and exes discuss why dating while adulting is so damn complicated. No topic is taboo. Sexual fantasies. Interracial dating. Gender roles. We talk about it all—and laugh a lot along the way. 

You Can’t F*ck Me is part of the ABL Radio family. 


The Artist & the Lady

Don't let Fabian's paint-splattered pants and Sherri's charm-school demeanor fool you. These two are kindred spirits down to their North Carolina roots.


Fabian "Occasional Superstar" Williams

In between pushing the boundaries of contemporary fine art, Fab has conducted numerous field studies on today’s women and their needs. His No. 1 finding: Women appreciate the truth, even when it's not what they want to hear. 



Sherri Daye Scott

Despite being divorced, Sherri remains committed to the idea of a loving relationship. This time around, however, she’s unwilling to settle for anything less than Ruby Dee and Ossie. Why bother otherwise?

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